Welcome at the Narsarsuaq Museum homepage. The museum was established in 1991, and has a large collection of photos and artefacts from the American base “Bluie West One”. The base was built in 1941, and was in operation until 1958.

The museum also has a section about the norse (viking) period in Greenland, app. 985-1450 AD.

The airport museum is run by a voluntary committee. We are happy to receive comments, donations, photos and other items relating to the base and local history. The museum is open in the summer period (June-September). We gladly answer all questions. Contact addresses are shown below.

With regards,
Ole Guldager - og@narsarsuaqmuseum.gl

Narsarsuaq Museum
Box 46, 3923 narsarsuaq, Greenland
Phone: +299 234568 / +299 665368

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